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A Bit of TLC

The Labour Counsel offers unique HR, IR & ER services to companies, allowing us to effectively remove the risks associated with these areas of your business, instead of simply attempting to limit them.


The Industry Standard

The laws governing the various aspects of employment, employee management and CCMA procedures are highly complex and despite often being trained specialists, Human Resources Managers are not legal professionals. As they do not have to argue cases on a daily basis in the CCMA or bargaining councils, they are largely unfamiliar with the most recent case law, the rules of evidence and how to achieve certain outcomes in these forums. It is for this very reason that companies often instruct attorneys and advocates to assist them at this late stage.

Many employers, a result of such late acquisition of legal assistance, find that despite having excellent grounds for dismissing an employee, they are told by the CCMA that the dismissal was unfair for one reason or another and are then faced with the embarrassment of either reinstating such an employee or paying them a substantial sum of money. Something an employer should never be forced to do.

Recognizing this vulnerability, there has been increase in the number of “Labour Consultancies” that act to assist Human Resource Officers with specific legal queries and functions. This service is often provided through a “consultant” who, though not an attorney, has some sort of legal or Human Resources qualification. The advice that these consultants give generally goes untested and when a dispute is referred to the CCMA, companies very often find themselves doubting that they received the correct advice from their consultant.

Your Human Resources Consultant might be able to tell you the accepted procedure to follow for a dismissal but is similarly, not going to know how to prove a document or properly argue a point in limine, when your employee refers the case to the CCMA. As Human Resource Consultants are not attorneys, very often don’t have law degrees and have never argued a case in Court, they cannot be trusted to provide you with the level of competency that a skilled attorney or advocate could.

Distinctive Benefits:

The Labour Counsel, on the other hand, uses only specialist attorneys and advocates and we ensure that you get the right advice the first time. Your contracts will be drafted by expertise, not guesswork and you will have a professional litigator assisting you from when a process starts, rather than when it is too late. By furthermore, having a single point of contact, management and accountability, we are able to offer a highly expedited, efficient and hassle free service.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in a proactive problem solving approach; eliminating problems before they occur and working with our clients to increase their ability to outperform their competition. Service excellence is guaranteed.

Our Commitment:

  • We will reduce your Company’s CCMA case load by at least 80% within the first year of engaging our services.
  • We eliminate the stress associated with technical labour matters and you will be assured of compliance with the governing labour legislation.
  • Your Human Resources will have greater availability to complete their key functions and the performance of your staff will be optimised.
  • You will be able to properly budget for all the legal assistance you require.
  • You will have an expert available 24 hours a day to assist with any labour related issues and you will be able to trust the legal advice you are given.


Trust the experts, choose The Labour Counsel.


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